We know what its like!

Running a small business, you have to be Jack-Of-All-Trades. Keeping the Social Media Algorithms happy with regular content gets dropped in priority when two staff call in sick and your fridges just packed in.

You’ll remember and knock up three posts of events or specials coming up and then nothing for 9 days until you find the time to post up a few more posts and then nothing again.

But there is a solution…

Our Keyboard Warriors can schedule evergreen content 2,5,12 or even TWENTY TIMES a day to keep your customers informed of regular specials and events.

This not only keeps you up the top in your customers feeds but encourages interaction and organic spread to people who may have never known you existed.


Don’t have anything to post?

We can design your posts for you. Our Graphic Designer can whip up a Parmy Night Special, Cocktail Specials or even a Karaoke post.

We can even spruce up your menu designs, counter ads and much much more.

Cant find the right words?
We have a copywriter in house to make sure your posts are well written and attention grabbing.

Taking it to the next level!
We even have our own web designer to build and host your websites. From $59/month we host and maintain your website so you don’t have to.

We really are a bunch of keyboard warriors!

So… Lets partner up!

We are offering your 1st month FREE. We will post up two posts a day on your social media pages. That is 60 posts, $120 of value for FREE!

If you don’t find value in our social media scheduling service during the month simply let us know. 

But we know you’ll find our service to be great value for money and peace of mind knowing your social media advertising is being handled by master swordsmen… well ok, typewriter jockeys in board shorts.





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